Welcome to Wayamba

North Western Province(NWP) of SRI LANKA


Wayamba, Sri Lanka' s North Western Province, is richly endowed with numerous tourist attractions. 

Large stretches of sunny, sandy beaches, pure seas and placid lagoons make ideal base for relax. Archaeological attraction include impressive monuments  dating from pre-Christian times and the remains of four medieval capitals of  Sri Lanka-Panduwas nuwara, Dambadeniya, Yaphuwa and Kurunegala as well as those of the European colonial period. Vast systems of irrigation indicating wonderful workmanship.

Beautiful rural landscape, easy sighting of exotic wildlife in three  parks / sanctuaries  (part of Wilpattu, Kahalla- Pallekele and Mundel Bird  Sanctuary), colourful traditional festivals, arts and crafts, lifestyles and folk-lore and an abundance delicious fresh sea-food, fruits, vegetables, dairy and other produce enhance the province's tourism potential as do its friendly. Good transport and communications facilities add to the viability of these tourist assets.

The Wayamba dwelling has been fortified with eco-friendly cultivation techniques, pro-herbal indigenous medicine systems, favorable for long life.

The friendly people of Wayamba, famed for their welcoming hospitality ,complete and enhance a delightful rewarding and unique holiday experience which will always be remembered with pleasure.

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